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Hi, my name is Phillip and I would like to show you the beautiful countryside of Jamaica, share the exciting adventures and have you experience the rich culture of the Jamaican countryside. I am an experienced tour operator and licenced by the Jamaica Tourist Board and a member of the Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (JUTA). I will be delighted to take you to your desired destination for a fulfilling vacation.
November- December Special
Bob Marley Bob Marley Tour
Bob Marley achieved international fame. Starting out in 1963 with the group the Wailers, he forged a distinctive song writing and vocal style that would later resonate with audiences worldwide. Bob Marley Nine Mile Excursion is a tour for die-hard Marley fans and for those who are interesting to learn more about the man and his music. Let us plan your personalize trip.

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Now Available from Montego Bay Hotel/ Resort
King of Reggae Bob Marley Tour Special
2 persons at $90 USD per person
Over 4 persons at $70 USDper person
Guaranteed private taxi to location entrance fee include.
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From Montego Bay Hotel/ Resort
Grand Palladium Hotel

Explore Jamaica's Wild Side

Tubing or Kayaking Special
2 persons $75 USD per person
4 persons $60 USD per person
Guaranteed private taxi to location entrance fee include
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Now available tours!
Rasta Village The Rasta village is a unique way to experience life of the Rastafarian. The village is a home to a community of Rastafarian's and is open for guided tours. The tours begins in a tropical garden on the Montego River. You will be lead from there through a shallow river into the village. As you approach you'll hear drumming and chanting getting louder. You will also be given a tour of the village herb library where your guide will explain the medicinal properties of the many herbs grown there. The tour ends on a musical note with a traditional drum and chanting session in the centre of the village. Herbal tea and fresh fruits are served to you whilst you listen. You may even be invited to join the drummers at the end of the session.
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Country Country Cockpit Country Trail
Cockpit Country Trail is located in Trelawny less than two hours from Montego Bay . The Cocpkpit Country is rich in history and culture, The region is riddled with towering cliffs, lime stone caves, underground river, and flowing waterfalls. The dense wet limestone forest, criss- crossed with hiking trail, is home to exotic plants, brids and reptiles, many of which are found no where else in the world. Come experience the beauty of Jamaica as it was meant to be. Please email for more information
Braco rafting Braco- River Boarding, Kayaking, Tubing and River Rafting
This is the ultimate adventure tour. We proudly affer a wild and exhilarating adventure just outside of Montego Bay. Ready with quality equipment and activity, River Boarding, Kayaking, Tubing and Rafting which can be done at the same place. Each individual can choose their own preferred mode of going down the River. Before doing the tour you could spend a little playing in a waterfall and swim in our mineral pool. Then down river we go with your train professional guide steering to keep you all together through the twists and turns of rushing water. While taking in the amazing scenery as you float down the river into the caribbean sea.
-A Combination of these Tours can be arranged: Horse Back Riding. Please email for more information


Other available tours
Bamboo Rafting River Kayaking River Tubing
Bamboo Rafting
River Kayaking
River Tubing
Zipline Negril Sunset Horseback Riding
Rainforest Zipline
Enjoy Beautiful sunset
Horseback Riding
All the adventure tours above also available as combo tours
•Special Group Rates •Chartered Service.
•Airport Transfer to and from hotels are also available

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